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Set the iPhone unlock with the mask via Apple Watch

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Apple Watch » From iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4: Set up to unlock the iPhone with the mask via Apple Watch

With iOS 14.5, users can unlock their iPhone with Face ID even if they have to wear a mask. However, to do this, the user also needs an Apple Watch. Users can enable new functionality in Face ID settings.

Most of you may already know, but for all of you who have not yet discovered that your iPhone was recently unlocked with Face ID despite the mask, we would like to remind you once again at this point: on the one hand, it requires the update installed for iOS 14.5, on the other hand, Apple with the update installed for WatchOS 7.4 Watch is also required.

Unlocking is activated via Face ID despite the mask

The option to unlock the iPhone even if the user has to wear a mask can be found in the settings under “Face ID & Code”. You must first enter your passcode.

There you will find a new option called “Unlock with Apple Watch”. When activated, Apple Watches associated with your Apple ID will be displayed; Most users only have one watch associated with them.

Open with Apple Watch - Screen shot

Open with Apple Watch – Screen shot

It took us a few seconds to execute the function.
In addition to this option, Apple writes:

If the mask prevents you from recognizing your face, use the secure link to your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. Your Apple Watch should be close to your wrist, protected by a mark and unlocked.

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However, since this recognition is not based on your face, this unlock method is only suitable as a convenient function. For good reason, for example, Apple Pay payments cannot be authorized in this way.

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