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Problem exaggeration -

Problem exaggeration –

GDA trilogy It suddenly became the new subject of international ridicule, as well as the frantic controversy over many issues, which it encountered after the release of the decisive complex and there was no shortage Compare with Cyberpunk 2077, One of which comes precisely PewDiePie.

Famous youtuber, From the top of his 110 million followers on stage, he started as a parallel between the two games, with a reaction that has never been on the air to tell the truth, he is not really a commentator who knows much about the latest news. Video Games.

According to PewDiePie, the status of the GTA trilogy: firm version was found in Cyberbunk 2077. Although the games are obviously different, the importance of the respective products and the problem in both cases Exaggerated sales By large video game companies.

According to YouTube, publishers continue to fall into this trap: after seeing what has happened to others, according to PewDiePie, they need to realize that controlling or measuring excitement should be a reasonable measure to avoid significant setbacks. Company.

“I thought Rockstar Games Was at a high level in this matter, “he also reported,” but perhaps I am not in a very up-to-date state now. “Therefore, the problem will be real and different from the expectations raised by developers and publishers. The quality of the products sold.

This review comes to light after a few minutes of inevitable screenshots and embarrassing videos taken from the GTA trilogy. For the rest, we saw Rockstar apologize for the technical issues, and then the 1.02 update was available on all platforms, although this did not greatly change the overall working environment.

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