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Announced with Year 2 trailers, lots of extra content -

Announced with Year 2 trailers, lots of extra content –

Hitman3 Vin continues his journey with his next arrivalYear 2, A second year completion Additional content It will be distributed over the next few months, further expanding IO Interactive’s tactical action theft.

Year 2 of Hitman 3 begins January 20, 2022With a very interesting road map of new content, including new maps, new story elements, additional modes and various options and innovations to enhance game possibilities.

Hitman 3: Year 2, first film

Among the technical updates, Ray Tracing’s arrival is expected for at least the PC version: IO Interactive reports that it has partnered with Intel to make ongoing updates for the Hitman 3. Radiation tracking, Support for CPUs with more than 8 cores and variable rate shadow.

As for the PC version, support for virtual reality headsets is expected to come: this feature was previously exclusive to the PlayStation VR, but will be extended to the headsets as well. VR for a computer From January 2022, with more information.

That’s another novelty Elusive target arcade, Or the new decline of the popular Hitman mode, which may mean permanent inclusion in the game, but it will only be known in January. More information and other content will be revealed in the spring of 2022, so we look forward to learning more about the evolution of Hitman 3.

Based on data released in October, Hitman 3 is leading by IO Interactive, recording with + 135%, and note that the cloud version on the Nintendo Switch now supports 60 FPS.