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NFTs now have their own torrent site in the NFT file

NFTs now have their own torrent site in the NFT file

NFT Bay, a replica of the popular hacking site, promises to download the entire NFT blockchain on torrent.

Created by Jeffrey Huntley of Australia, The NFT Bay may be one of the best shows of the year. The artist promises to let everyone Download all NFTs for free from the Internet. The site seems to be keeping its promise, but it raises the whole debate about the tenure of ownership.

How does torrent work in NFT Bay?

Except for Rick Roll, all links on the site lead to the download page. The latter is similar to the site of the real Pirate Bay. A Download link Just placed at the bottom of this page.

You need to click on this link to get the torrent that allows you to download the named file «Preview.jpg. It contains boring monkey pictures and zip files. These zip files contain all the NFTs of Ethereum and Solana blockchains. You have downloaded the bulk 15 TB of data, I.e., lots of image files.

However, we have the right to wonder if the downloaded file contains all the NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain. Huntley replied that he did not have the right answer to this question. There is no way to download approximately 15 TB zip file yet. This exceeds its data limit. However, others have already demonstrated that all NFTs can be downloaded. This So that is not an impossible thing.


What do NFT opponents and fans think?

NFT opponents feel the action of Jeffrey Huntley A win. Getting them on torrent would be proof that NFTs have no real value. As for crypto enthusiasts, they argue that it does not matter. This would be proof of ownership rather than a film that gives NFTs their value.

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As for the Australian artist behind The NFT Pack, he explained the basics of his rationale. According to him, he would have started from the fact that NFTs generally do not store any media in blockchain. These bind to the version stored on the vulnerable web server. Jeffrey Huntley does just that Take advantage of this vulnerability.