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Proxy Socks 5 de PrivadoVPN - Outil indispensable pour télécharger 13

PrivadoVPN Socks 5 Proxy

PrivadoVPN Top VPN with socks 5 proxy option included for free. It’s part of the Top 5 Best VPNs of 2022. What I particularly appreciate about PrivadoVPN is its ProxySox 5 protocol which is available on all servers in its 46 countries. Proxy Socks 5 allows you to download torrents and files on file hosts. SOCKS 5 Proxy is ideal for downloading torrents very quickly and downloading multiple files simultaneously from free file hosts.

PrivadoVPN VPN is one of the very few VPNs that provide proxy in addition to access. This VPN + Proxy Socks 5 Combo is only $ 2.50 per month using our usage PRIVADOVPN link This is an exclusive 69% discount !!!

Video Tutorial on Using PrivadoVPN Proxy Socks 5 with Torrent and Live Download

PRIVADOVPN link You should find out too PrivadoVPN

What are the benefits of Sox5 Proxy?

SOCKS 5 Proxy is the best proxy. Its functionality is really different from VPN. VPN transforms your entire network. A SOCKS 5 proxy only modifies the IP of the installed software. A Sox 5 proxy is less complete than a VPN but it has the following advantages:

  • A Proxy Socks 5 is very fast. Lack of encryption is faster than VPN. This is the important thing to understand. A Pro Socks 5 only changes the IP of the software it is installed on. Everything else on your network uses your ISP IP
  • Zack 5 is a native of ” Kill switch »(IP protection) So if the proxy is disconnected, the application that uses it will no longer work. We will only download if SOCKS5 is active !.
  • Absolutely ” Torrent-friendly Because VPNs provide this for this purpose. Proxies often exist in countries such as the Netherlands where network neutrality is respected.
  • Installs on all good torrent software like SOCKS 5 Proxy qBittorrent And on jDownloader 2 A download manager.
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Advantages of using Proxy Socks 5 PrivadoVPN Interesting:

  • No extra cost. They are included in your VPN plan.
  • They are in 46 countries of PrivadoVPN. No other VPN offers this proxy socks 5 limit

PrivadoVPN Socks Proxy 5 - Essential Tool for Downloading1

  • PrivadoVPN provides up to 10 links at once, so you can install multiple proxy addresses on different software and use them simultaneously!

Proxy Socks 5 from PrivadoVPN and Torrent

Use Proxy Socks 5 PrivadoVPN With torrent software such as qbitorrent Is very effective. The proxy is not a VPN, but once built qBittorrent will download very quickly so you need to make some small changes.

The identifiers of your proxy are in your user account. Do not use them because they are different from your VPN software.

PrivadoVPN Socks Proxy 5 - Mandatory Tool Download2

at qBitorrent. Tools> Login. You have your credentials, proxy address and port 1080. You are opting for port forwarding because all traffic passes through the same port. You will always have optimal and respectful connections.

PrivadoVPN Socks Proxy 5 - Essential Tool for Downloading 3

Tools> BitTorrent. Uncheck all boxes Intimate life. Above all, check “Enable anonymous mode”.

PrivadoVPN Socks Proxy 5 - Essential Tool for Downloading 4

Here is your qBittorrent Torrent Client ready to download.

PrivadoVPN Socks 5 proxy and live download

jDownloader 2 A free download manager that supports proxy socks 5. PrivadoVPN’s different proxy addresses allow you to download multiple files at once from the same file host, even if you are a free user. As PrivadoVPN You accept 10 links at once. 1 file Without premium paid account !.

Installing jDownloader is straightforward. Uninstall third-party software (Opera + SpyHunter) during installation.

You go to use multiple proxy addresses Settings> Connection Management. You can put a total of 10 by clicking Collaboration

PrivadoVPN Socks Proxy 5 - Essential Tool for Downloading 5

So you can download multiple files even as a free user. File hosts such as 1fichier or Uptobox allow premium users to download simultaneously. They rely on the IP address to limit your downloads as a free user. This limitation can be avoided by assigning a different address to each file. This allows you to download multiple files at once without the hassle and waiting time!

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If your primary VPN application is around streaming and P2P torrenting PrivadoVPN Created for you:

  • P2P traffic is allowed on their server network
  • There are 46 Proxy Socks 5 for your VPN subscription at no extra charge
  • Possibility to download and protect all your P2P functions (Torrent – Direct Download – Streaming – IPTV) with OpenVPN Connect software.

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