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Comment convertir une image trop grande, trop lourde ou au format Webp et HEIC

How to convert large, heavy or webpage and HEIC format image

Some image formats are more complex to process than others: .jpg and .png are generally compatible in all situations, but the .heic format found on Apple can cause problems on the Internet, such as .webpb.

Here are some tips you should always have on hand to use all the pictures you work on successfully as you wish.

Convert an image to Apple format (.heic)

After taking a photo on an Apple device like iPhone or iPad, you can get the files in the following format: .heic. Introduced by Apple during the launch of iOS 11, this design has the advantage of occupying less space without compromising image quality … but it is not yet easy to use on PC.

If you have .heic images on your iPhone and want to convert them to .jpg, go to a dedicated site like, for which you do not need to download any software.

Use the .Webpb image to convert it to .jpg or .png

Most images downloaded directly from the Internet are in .webpb format. Google uses it in certain cases for its search engine results and for content available in the Play Store.

Although a .webpb file can be opened on a computer, it can not be considered as .jpg: most often the image opens in a browser such as Edge or Chrome and cannot be edited by a program such as Photoshop or GIMP.

To easily reuse a .webpb image in Windows, open it with Paint and convert it to the desired shape with a few clicks.

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Paint webp

Reduce image size and weight online

Is an image too large or too heavy for you to email or insert into your website? Without software on your computer, you can simply reduce its design: everything happens online.

You can go to the site and place your image in the interface using the click and drag. Then, select the new dimensions and modify the other parameters to get less weight than the desired maximum weight.

Minimize images

Very useful on a daily basis, these three tips are accessible at all levels and allow you to deal with the problems you often encounter with pictures on the computer. If you need help,
Make your request in the Support Forum on Applications.