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Printer for smartphones and Nintendo Switch, how the Instax Mini Connect works

Printer for smartphones and Nintendo Switch, how the Instax Mini Connect works

Fujifilm Introduces New App For Instax Mini Link

Fujifilm Corporation (Chairman: Kenji Sukeno) has recently released the latest version of the Instax Mini Link (link) smartphone printer designed to live on Synergy with one of the most popular consoles, the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a new application has been developed “Instax Mini Connect to Nintendo Switch”* 1 To provide players with an amazing instant printing experience with plenty of games.

The fun of the game also moves offline! Presented by FUJIFILM New Instax Mini Connectivity App for Nintendo Switch, Allows you to create instant prints from many Nintendo Switch games like this Animal Abduction: New Horizons, Super Mario e New Pokemon Snap.

Memorable Moments at Animal Crossing: There may be multiple scenes and screen shots such as Memory or best character scenes and encounters with rare characters who completed a scene in New Horizons, or Super Mario. New Pokemon Snap* 2.

Starting today, thanks to the Connect printer and smartphone app, the game world and its characters can be enjoyed all around by players, thus expanding the fun of the game and the ability to convert recorded images and videos into Nintendo Switch on Instax prints, use to put in the album or decorate your room.

Print out screen shots (photos / videos) taken during the game, via the print link recorded on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the simple function of reading the QR code displayed on the Nintendo Switch.

The app will be released on April 30, 2021, the same day the new game software was launched New Pokemon Snap To the Nintendo Switch. New Pokemon Snap A game in which you have to find different Pokemon Take pictures of them, Generally captures unfamiliar movements and gestures.

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Animal abduction from three popular games: screen design of exclusive smartphone app: New Horizons, Super Mario and New Pokemon Snap, And allows you to enjoy the functionality of the app while enjoying the context of the game. Also, Frame Print, one of the best features of the link printer that allows you to print photos with different types of frames, offers all three types of game design in frames to choose from. Thus the player can have fun printable snapshots decorated by the frame of his favorite game. The new dedicated app can be downloaded for free by anyone, including users of the current line of mini-link printers.