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Nintendo Switch - The mystery of the missing update has been revealed

Nintendo Switch – The mystery of the missing update has been revealed

Nintendo Switch

Yesterday afternoon, June 8, A mystery Involved in an unprecedented way Nintendo Switch: The hybrid from Nintendo has actually received a firmware update 12.0.3 Strictly speaking, at first everything went smoothly, like many new firmware aimed at resolving minor bugs in the system and improving its stability. However, within hours of the release of this update, the firmware mysteriously disappeared from the servers and was no longer downloadable, as opposed to the latest version of computer software version 12.0.2.

To thicken the plot, we thought of the same house of Big N, which was an event but decided to be silent for a few hours. Without precedents. The imagination of those interested immediately flew to very different solutions, it was assumed that this firmware could actually hide Using For theft or, being in full weather E3 2021, Which hid notes for implication Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Hybrid hardware upgrade not yet officially announced, but continued At the center of very different rumors In the last months.

In fact, as is often the case, the reality seems to be beyond imagination, and Nintendo has solved the mystery of the missing firmware through its official Japanese Twitter page. In fact, the questionable update, being quite trivial and honest, simply caused problems New SDXC memory cards, Some users found this type of SD card in the console, detecting the immediate download of the update All kinds of recessions, From internet connection to downloading software from Nintendo EShop.

Nintendo Fortunately, it also confirmed that the update in question was not possible Will damage game data in any way, A revised version of the computer software will be released immediately in the next few hours; Follow us to keep up to date with the latest news from the gaming world!

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