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Printer and email issues, great challenges for Mac users

Printer and email issues, great challenges for Mac users

The world is changing… but above all it is not. Key issues Met Last year’s recovery repair clients may have been ten or twenty years ago! Thus, printer concerns initially come with more than 19% repair requests, followed by email (18%) and network and internet issues (14%). Mac users at the bottom of the list have a problem with their operating system or software: 0.35% for MacOS and 0.18% for software.

Of course, recession problems faced by 13.4% of repairmen’s or data recovery (9.9%) may be related to the operating system and / or software. But problems with macos or use in particular are rare. ” An event that varies with the frequency of these issues among Windows users », Underlines recovery insurance. ” This means more expensive consumers [pour leurs produits Apple] Reward is rewarded with high performance engines .

Apple makes both the MacOS and the machines that come with it. This does not prevent the operating system from delivering serious errors, but this integration reduces the possibility of major problems, which are found in Windows, which is a very fragmented platform. ” Apple’s operating systems and software require less computer repair than Windows machines 5, the repairman mentions.

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