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A leak reveals announcements, will Diablo 2 be resurrected?

A leak reveals announcements, will Diablo 2 be resurrected?

A leak seems to have revealed the complete sequence of the opening ceremony Blisscon Online 2021 Scheduled for Friday, February 19 at 11.00pm Italian time. What will we see during the show? Insider Kaiser 99 has clear ideas about this.

According to the leak (This has already been proven to be correct in previous authors revealed in Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2) Shared a list of upcoming announcements, including the resurrection of Diablo II and the new expansion of Heartstone Heroes of Warcraft.

Blisscon 2021 leak

  • Diablo immortal release date
  • Diablo 4: New Class and Area
  • Overwatch 2: Story trailer, new characters and drawings
  • The Diablo II announcement was resurrected
  • World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic
  • Heartstone: New expansion
  • Annunci Mobile (World of Warcraft Pet War?)

Clearly We invite you to take the above with a grain of salt, That is also true For months we have been talking about the return of Diablo 2, With Vicarius visions who worked for a while with the blizzard or remade the game.

Overwatch 2 and back to the show Diablo 4, Except they should be too Ads related to the mobile world, Including a mysterious animal war game set in the world of World of Warcraft. Let’s find out more on Friday night, Follow us on Twitches from 8pm on February 19th A long marathon!

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