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Principal’s Top 5 Transportation Applications

If you plan to travel the primary and beyond, the Monaco Tribune will share with you the applications to use!

Citymapper: Application for getting around

Citymap has been developed as a travel application. In fact, many cities now use this tool, including London, Berlin, Tokyo, Lyon, Paris, New York and now Monaco.

Choose your favorite route by foot, bike or bus! Once you have formed your mind, the application holds your preferences. For example, if you want to use a path that is accessible to people in wheelchairs. A little more for use, it will show the calories lost depending on the trip.

Although it is a travel app, CityMaper is perfect for getting around today. Available internationally, it will be useful for travelers and residents alike.

Download IOS Or Android

Moby: Utility to rent cars

Faced with the democratization of electric vehicles, Principal had the idea of ​​creating Mobi, a 100% electric car sharing service.

Two services are offered: Mobility 25 offers Peugeot E-208s, ideal for wide and long trips. With its 340 km of autonomy, it is a great way to get around the PACA region or to Liberia. The other service, Mobicity, offers 30 electric twos with 70 km of autonomy. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

In both cases, the benefits of the service are numerous: driving an electric vehicle to suit your needs, without having to pay for parking within the primary or on the street at 35 partner car parks.

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Monabas: Application to keep all your tickets in your pocket

Prince Government, in partnership with Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco and Monaco City Hall, is launching the Monabass app aimed at intra-Muros users, tourists and travelers. Ambition? Find all your transportation tickets in a few clicks: buses, bikes and public parking. All in one application.

In addition to being used to organize and pay for trips, Monabass allows users to get real-time information on nearby transportation routes, such as bus schedules or available electric bikes.

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Monaco Bus: An all-knowing application about buses

The Monaco Bus is an application to find the principal’s bus schedules and their routes. However, this service is provided by other applications as well. Especially in Principles the stops have screens to indicate the paths.

However, if you are late and want to know quickly which bus is next to your favorite stop, it is more intuitive to use it.

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PBSC: An application for renting bikes

This service already offers 390 monobike bikes. PBSC is great for planning your trips with its map and finding bikes and stations in real time. With a finger swipe, the app makes it easy to rent bikes using its QR code, which can be displayed at one of 42 smart stations.

For even more pleasant manipulation, create a personal profile and save your options. This will make it easier to rent by purchasing a pass for the day, year or a trip.

Download IOS Or Android

We still regret that these applications are not connected to each other. In fact, it is necessary to create an account and provide your bank details to some people.