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New discoveries regarding free DLC and upcoming expansion

New discoveries regarding free DLC and upcoming expansion

Recently, a leaked ad revealed the immediate arrival of the “most important” content addition to CD Project Red’s latest track. Everything suggests that the free DLC pack scheduled for the beginning of the year may be coming soon, and should be available until that time Witcher3.

Must be new in weapons, enemies, quests, customization options, game modes, options and features like the new Game Plus. See if these free DLCs go out on the go, or in a neon-packed bundle.

Saint-Pirate would have also found some scattered traces of the first pay expansion Cyberpunk 2077. It could be used in 2022, thus bringing us back to the Pacific, a district that is not much exploited in the main story, so it deserves more exposure.

Without any real surprise, no information about the second expansion was found. Now that Cyberpunk 2077 C.D. Project Red is in a satisfactory position for the company, waiting for an official announcement from them about the future of events planned for Knight City.

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