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Prevents use of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera if boot loader fails

Prevents use of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera if boot loader fails

Do-it-yourself should be warned if you want to change the Galaxy Z Fold 3: The camera device of the foldable smartphone will no longer work when you want to disable the bootloader.

This is an unpleasant discovery for many hackers. Samsung has hidden a nasty surprise from anyone who wants to disable the Galaxy Z Fold 3 bootloader, which allows the user to access Root In order to release its full potential to the device (to replace the smartphone software).

A difficult situation

During handling, the foldable smartphone indicates a camera malfunction and a warning that apps are not working properly. That’s exactly what happens: after disabling the bootloader, the camera app becomes inactive, much like third-party processors that use the camera. These will show a black screen.

All of these are not available for all camera-related functions, including facial recognition, which is a real drawback. However, this is not the first time Samsung has acted in this way. In fact, modifying the internal software of a manufacturer’s smartphone will void the warranty and disable Samsung Pay service. But blocking the use of the camera is unprecedented.

Fortunately, by activating the boot loader, there is a way to get the camera back to use … which, in turn, prevents malfunction on the device. Nevertheless, DIY enthusiasts are optimistic because root access will detect changes in the controls on the camera. You still have to find them!