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Google Photos: So you can download a lot of pictures or the whole album very quickly without going through the tagout


Have a lot of people Google Photos Use it as a cloud backup or primary storage for all pictures and videos. This may be very practical, but downloading all media is not as close as anyone would like. Today we are going to show you the quickest way to download multiple photos or full albums that can be downloaded in an orderly manner without much hassle.

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Google Photos is designed to be used as a primary backup and some users have the opportunity to host their entire photo collection in the cloud and do not have their own local backup. It remains to be seen if this is too clever, but from my observation, this is a common scenario. Not surprising, because Google refers to authenticity and is not exactly known for losing user data. Unless users lose access to their account, that’s another problem.

If you want to download all the pictures and videos from Google Photos, mastering it is not so easy. The most common way to use Google TagoutHowever, this creates a small data mess that many users do not expect. A few days ago we gave you a tool.

But it’s very fast because Google Photos has its own download function, which is not known or underestimated by many. With Google Photos Download you can download an entire album or a large collection of photos in seconds. And in an orderly manner, but without metadata.

All Google Photos Download

This allows you to download images from Google Photos very quickly
If you want to download an album, you can only do this in one step: Open the album in the desktop browser and press the key combination Shift + D. Alternatively, you can click “Download” in the menu on the top right. It works not only on albums, but on any other view. Even throughout the day, select one or more photos in the photo stream or archive and press again Shift + D Or select input from the menu. You will immediately receive information that the download will be generated.

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With large photo albums (about 500 images) it only takes a few seconds to start downloading. With Google Takeout, this can take several minutes. When you upload to Google Photos you will receive a ZIP file with all the image files. If you uploaded them in “original quality”, the file name will also be retained. If they were uploaded “high quality” they would certainly have been cropped or compressed to fit the boundaries of the photo site.

No metadata
Unfortunately, all metadata was removed from these files. You will get the original image with the original name, but all the information about location, photo date, camera model, name and other information is gone. The only thing you have in Google Tagout is that you need to link to each other, in JSON format, with the metadata associated with it. Either way is not perfect, but if you want to quickly download all the images you may be better off with the Google Photos download process. Try both.

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