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President says characters and owners should be handled with caution -

President says characters and owners should be handled with caution –

I letters ei Franchise Created by Nintendo They go Handled with caution, According to President Shundaro Furukawa: We must always respect their origins and the relationship they have formed over the years with gamers.

Because they are constantly in circulation Rumor On the Nintendo Switch Pro, according to the latest rumors, similar to the PS4 with DLSS and a better CPU, Furukawa revealed his views on exploitation Intellectual property Of the company.

“We need to remember that the origin of our characters is in the games,” the president said. “Fans have tight stats Strong bonding, With whom they grew up, spent countless hours together. “

Shundaro Furukawa, President de Nintendo.

“We have to create these characters in ways that don’t affect them Remember The fans are with them and their worlds. This is why we always go with the utmost caution not to damage the value of a brand. “

“If we want to increase Sale In the short term, there are other ways to do it (rather than distorting the characters, the editor’s note). After all, the question is how do we ensure that the Nintendo brand is loved for a long time. “

“This is something we often discuss, domestically, which is one aspect that I reflect on very carefully in making my decisions. There is always the risk of damaging a brand we’ve built over thirty years.”

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