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Cube Life: Island Survival - Switch - ntower

Cube Life: Island Survival – Switch – ntower

It was only five years ago that Cypronia brought Cube Life: Island Survival to Wee U. At the time, Minecraft was not yet realistic for Nintendo consoles, which is why Cube Life came up with a viable alternative with its own rules. Now that Minecraft is actually available on all popular sites, Cube Life: Island Survival still appears for the Nintendo Switch. Well, you know, this is not a dull clone. In addition, subsequent updates to the Wii U version are included here from the beginning.

Pets support you in many ways.

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The principle is like a really big model: you are in a vox world, i.e. a world full of cubes, and you can break the blocks using the tools or your bare hand and put them somewhere else. You already have a sandpit full of cubes. All actions take place from the first person’s point of view, so you are practically right in the middle of it. Considering the various interactions or lurking dangers with your environment completes the package. But how much is there?

Cube Life: Island Survival is the difference between a living and a creative way of living. Unfortunately, you have to do it locally or online without a multiplayer mode. Survival mode puts you in the role of a rich man who wakes up as the only survivor of a shipwreck on a desert island. Now it is yours to get food and drink, make tools and weapons, find shelter or build it yourself. You will always face new dangers such as cannibalism or aggressive animals. The break menu is called the Survival Guide, which not only gives you helpful tips, but also lists all the cooking tips. There is a catch in this guide: Like the whole game, it is only available in English. Language options not yet provided.

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The game world is divided into sections given in Survival mode. So you always start at the same point, find the same resources and always meet the same tribes. Talks about starting a new one: Starting a new game should be considered carefully because there is only one memory slot in Survival, which is deleted with a new circuit. If you want to override this restriction, you must start the game with a new user profile. During the day you will be busy collecting raw materials and food, expanding your house or taking in wild animals like pigs, sharks and eagles. The day is approximately from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The time is permanently displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. At night, however, it is embarrassing. Depending on where you are, cannibals will try to kill you. If initially they are harmless, some people then adopt tools that can remove earth and wood barriers (for example the walls of a wooden house). So far they have not been able to dig their way through the rock with me. Then there are the archers, they are unreasonable, wanting to shoot through the walls. So far, I am not sure if this is a special type of arrow (there are some types of it) or an error.

Discover something new on each island

In the world of the Cube Life game: Island Survival ships, monsters and native villages can be found in some interesting things. Some of them you can trade, but they can also be easily annoying. You should definitely avoid hurting them or touching their chest. But even if you accidentally remove or put a block, they will introduce you to their weapons. If so, leave this area and wait a few days until you return. Occasionally, chests appear on beaches. These often contain useful ingredients and should always be tested as often as possible. Disadvantage: The objects lying around will not be there for a long time. So make sure you always have free space in your luggage, otherwise the contents of the chest will disappear as soon as they appear. You can make friends with some animal species. The rule of thumb is that in order to befriend an animal you first need a specific food. Once that is done, you can use other foods to affect your behavior. They can follow you, gather independently, and mainly attack or protect a place like your home from unauthorized attackers.

The creative method has been significantly modified compared to the experiment at that time. On the one hand, you can create a map again by selecting a part of a map or you can create a flat world. Depending on the type of world, you have options that affect different events, for example water or animals. The game has additional settings to handle daylight, enable day-night rotation, or change the weather. Unfortunately, the construction areas are not large compared to the Wii U version, and even a memory slot was taken from you. So the Nintendo Switch version has four more savings in Creative Mode. In general, special rules apply in creative mode, so you do not have to worry about survival. You cannot be killed and resources are not an issue. Here you are alone with your finished blocks, works and, if desired, animal room companions.

The audio is simple and sweet. Some, but good sound recordings are played, for example, in the main menu, loading processes and in the native villages. If there is no special music on an island, there is a suitable environment around you depending on the time of day. Only the cannibals annoyed me with their creepy calls when they came around my house. At night the atmosphere usually gets a strange mood.

If you spend a lot of time in survival mode, you may expect longer loading times. Like I said, the game world is divided into smaller sections, which you have to enter every time. But it seems to me that these have become a little shorter. Cube Life: Island Survival also brings some nice visual effects, which are slightly improved compared to the Wii U version. The entire game seems to show improvements in terms of loading time, optics and performance. With 30 frames exposed per second, it is not smooth, but at least it remains unchanged.

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