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Potion Party - Switch - ntower

Potion Party – Switch – ntower

Alchemy is the ancient theory of the properties of substances and their reactions. It was mainly ranked 1/2 which was in practice in the 19th century and is still considered the earliest pioneer of modern chemistry today. Many alchemists primarily manipulated metals and minerals, among other things, and researched their occurrence in nature. Often, however, knowledge of the subject is associated with the brewing of magic utensils in boiling kettles. The German developers at Top Hot Studios took up the idea and opened your own Trongleton at the Potion Party.

Bridesmaids Unavoidable Potions Together!

With this preface, the whole story of the game has already been explained. You will be transported into a colorful fantasy world, which will especially appeal to fans of pixel-like optics. However, this happens completely without the Katkens or dialogues, so the focus is entirely on the actual gameplay. Your main task is to satisfy customers quickly and gradually expand your store.

Initially you can start with the most manageable store and then expand it.

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To guarantee this you use a variety of devices and natural products. From the very beginning you have three different colored gardens that need to be constantly watered to guarantee a ripe harvest of juicy fruits. These are diligently processed into powder in a mortar and then steamed in a distillery to be processed into a magical drink. Each process takes its time here, so it makes effective use of waiting because multiple processes can run simultaneously.

The positive aspect of the Potion Party is reflected in the learning outcome. In the twelve tasks of story mode, your skills as an alchemist will expand steadily and your actions will be automated. Each of these tasks presents an increasing difficulty, thus making later stages more desirable. Among other things, thieves try to steal your vital resources or block your way. Fortunately, out of action, you have a manual with all the cooking tips and measures against the intruders you mentioned. Alternatively, you do not have to fight pests, you can effectively avoid them.

For every satisfied customer you will get some gold coins which are suitable for the shop. Here you can upgrade your store in three different fields. In addition to the main character Abel, you can hire the trainers of the other ten witches, all of which come with different benefits – it can be gold when selling a potion or fast brewing time. You can of course modify your devices, thus increasing the number of your shelves or accessories and decorating your rooms, for example, Night Armor.

Suitable for any party among friends!

In your store you can go active with different characters.

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At this point, however, the purpose of the game should be critiqued. The twelve trips already mentioned can be operated within 5 hours, alone or in local cooperative mode. Two more modes can be opened. One of them is a versus mode in which you split into two different teams and compete with each other. Finally there is an infinite mode, which allows you to hone your skills as an alchemist without any time limit. Unfortunately, at this time you do not have the opportunity to play online with or against your friends. This will add an important connection to the Seating Party game. More trips will make the story mode better, and of course there are a lot of possibilities to tease from the game.

At the technical level, you can expect a seamless, pixel-like appearance. Everything is easy to see on the Nintendo Switch screen, the beautiful animations enrich the look and the frame rate is always fluid. The developers have chosen a safe drawing style here, which will make the game look more beautiful. There is only a critique of the screen language, because despite the selected German language, some text passages are displayed in English. But this should only be the devil of error, as Potion provides basically manageable amount of text columns.

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The background music also has a soothing effect. In addition to the medieval sounds, the game offers very few and repetitive pieces of music, but this should not be a problem. These have never turned out to be annoying and are perfect for an entertaining party game. Control of the game is wonderfully uncomplicated, you basically only need the left control stick and a maximum of two extra buttons to play the game. Each of the multiplayer modes can be operated by a joy-con.