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Introducing the Super Mario 64 PC mode port with Ray tracing

Introducing the Super Mario 64 PC mode port with Ray tracing

From now on you can download a Super Mario 64 PC port with active Radiation track. Watch a video here.

Developer Dariosamo was able to create the PC port of Super Mario 64 with Ray Tracing. So far this is a technical preview, but you can do it already GitHub Free download.

Since this is an early version of the game, you should expect other issues such as some visual glitches or performance drops. Of course, you also need a suitable graphics card that supports the radiation path.

At the moment this mode is a technical preview and should only be used by those who are willing to tolerate issues such as visual impairments and performance issues. The project is subject to major changes in architecture, design, aesthetics and performance in the future. Any help solving these problems is welcome. “

“Performance works first, and there is still plenty of room for optimization at this point. If you can not reach the target frame rate, it is a good idea to lower the resolution with the internal gauge, as this can have a huge impact on the performance of all options.”

Here is a brief overview of the PC port:

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