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Nintendo Player |  Quando Visit à Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Su Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Player | Quando Visit à Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Su Nintendo Switch?

Bethesda Release date will be revealed soon Doom Eternity: Ancient God Part 2 ma su Nintendo Switch Not there yet part 1.

Original news (03/16/21)

Yesterday, Bethesda Shared on YouTube Advertising Of the second part D.L.C. Dedicated to history Doom is eternity, Reveals that it will formalize the release date Tomorrow With one Trailer.

Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods part 1:

Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Part 2:

For those who do not know, Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Expansion of the story and takes place after the events Doom is eternity In this, with the help of an old ally, you will have to fight against the forces of hell to determine the fate of the universe.

To answer the question asked in the title of this article, Bethesda Confirmed in December 2020 2021 They will come New updates Per version Nintendo Switch Of the game with Two parts of the DLC (May be in single form?).

Hope to see you tomorrow Bethesda Make some clarification in the release Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Its Nintendo Switch.

Update (03/17/21)

Bethesda With the trailer, it has been made official today with the arrival Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods Part 2 On consoles and PCs from tomorrow March 18, 2021.

Bethesda However, the two did not communicate D.L.C. They will come to the top Nintendo Switch. We hope you will do this soon and we look forward to trying it out Bureau Nintendo This is a very interesting new hellish boil.


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