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Postponed, New Release Date Edge - Nert 4. Life

Postponed, New Release Date Edge – Nert 4. Life

Will 2021 be a busy year for gamers? There has been more and more talk about tips in recent times, another game may have met this fate. Let’s talk about Resident Evil Village. Capcom’s horror adventure is scheduled for May 7, but we have a chance to find out through Edge’s latest issue. Release date may be postponed. How much?

Fortunately, not much. As you can see for yourself below, Edge (April 2021 issue) points out the new release date of Citizen Evil Village June 22, So let’s talk about one and a half months. This is highly undesirable, as it would be a content specification above all else. Apparently This information is not currently considered official.

At the time of writing, Capcom Citizen Evil has not yet released any information regarding the Village Nomination. And this new release date This may be an edge writing error, Even if it is clear that something is macroscopic.

If June 22 is actually the new release date for Resident Evil Village, Capcom is preparing to share the information in advance with Edge and announce it. There is nothing to do at this time, but wait for new official information from the developer. Maybe confirmation or denial will come soon.

We now know for sure that Resident Evil Village will have many serious and scary scenes to reveal that it is the director of the game. Finally, we point out that Capcom has talked about the biggest surprises and first person visions, which will return after Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

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Resident Evil Village: Postponed release date according to Edge