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How to Receive a Clubhouse Invitation

How to Receive a Clubhouse Invitation

An app dedicated to voice chats can only be accessed by call. Find some tips to join the platform.

Improve your chances of being invited to the clubhouse. © alexkoral –

The popular Clubhouse app with technologists, web marketers and entrepreneurs is now available through iOS and Call. If there is no miracle solution to get precious sesame, we give you some tips to keep all the chances of being invited by your side.

Target the trusted person

Before accepting an invitation to use the Clubhouse app and participating in its many rooms, it is recommended that you first be invited by someone you trust. Users who provide their contacts to join the platform should remember that they are responsible for the members they invite. If the person calling you behaves inappropriately or violates Community Guidelines de Clubhouse, Which may be barred from use. Therefore, users who have benefited from its invitations will also be suspended. This is why the use of sites that sell invitations for a certain amount of time is strongly encouraged.

Download the app and book your username

If you want to join the clubhouse community, start by downloading the mobile app, even if you have not received a call yet. You can book your username, which you will use when you join the platform. You will be placed on the Clubhouse waiting list.

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Good to know: You can change your username when you are called, but this change can only be made once.

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By booking your username and joining this waiting list, your invitation request will be pushed to users already in Clubhouse, and you will be able to join the platform quickly. Plus: This type of recommendation will not be deducted from the quota of invitations issued to Clubhouse users (see below).

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Check out Clubhouse Invitations on Twitter and Google …

If you no longer want to wait before testing the voice chat app, you can contact the moderators at Clubhouse and ask them to send you an invitation. When they organize rooms or co-host, many users share material and link links on other social media sites in order to attract a larger audience.

Find a clubhouse call on Twitter

To do this, find incoming roommakers in the Twitter search bar and type “” in the Twitter search bar, starting with the link URL. Stay tuned and add this query to your tweet deck to improve your invitation search.


Find a clubhouse call on Google

You can type “” in the Google search bar. The list of planned rooms in the clubhouse will be displayed and you can try to communicate with the appraiser through various online social media sites.


How Many Calls Do Clubhouse Users Have?

If the French-speaking community continues to grow in the clubhouse over the weeks, it is thanks to the numerous calls made to its most active users on the platform. When you join the audio social network, you will receive two calls to distribute your contacts with the iOS smartphone – the Android application is under development. Users usually need to be at least active to receive 3 additional calls.

Among the actions that allow a clubhouse member to receive 3 additional invitations to share, this is possible:

  • Create a room, animate it, or animate it as an appraiser,
  • Table rooms in the application calendar,
  • Follow Clubs,
  • Raise your hand to speak in a room,
  • Follow users to reply,
  • Participate in “quiet rooms” to get followers …

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