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Pongies - now available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players (via Steam and GeoG)

Pongies – now available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players (via Steam and GeoG)

Pongies is an advanced bed co-op game that is perfect for hanging out with friends. Get along with your loved ones to have fun together even when they are away! You can play online using Steam’s remote play function and reach out to your friends while maintaining contact controls. In the beautiful but intriguing world of ponies, it is easy to spend time with travelers on long winter days.

The Bonkies were created by the small, independent Norwegian developer “Studio Contlet” to bring people together, especially for the four players in happy, collaborative challenges. The game is full of cute animals, tricky tasks and fun accidents – the perfect recipe for a quiet evening with friends and family at home.

Bangkok is the result of the dedication of the “Studio Account” team and the first game. It has already garnered positive feedback at the initial access point on Steam, snatching the “Best Design” and “Players’ Choice” trophies at the “Norwegian Sports Awards 2018”.

Funny fact:

Pongies is a game that almost came out of nowhere. The initial idea for this came from developer Christer Repney. When he recovered from an ankle injury and was trapped in a hospital with no internet access, he realized that there were not many great bed-cooperative games to play with visiting friends and family.

Bangies is a fun party game about collaboration, space building and the joy of colonizing the solar system as a group of monkeys. Players have the task of creating all sorts of bizarre structures on distant planets by stacking blocks so that they fit into a certain shape. To do this, they, along with other space animals, must use their familiar ability – the banana-powered jet bag and the powerful robot arm.

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In addition, they have to use the most attractive kind of modules (magnets, rockets and even nuclear fusion are not uncommon for a well-trained astronaut) and do not work in attractive and really monkey-compatible places. Who said space construction can be easy?

Bonkies offers single and multiplayer campaigns with tons of craftsmanship that require collaboration, quick knowledge, skill and coordination to solve in a timely manner. Players can choose characters from one

Choose from a variety of loving monkeys (and some other equally loving creatures). The game offers a challenging experience, but primarily a lighter and cheerful example in construction builder and bed co-op games.

The game is supported by Crunching Colas, a publishing studio experienced in bringing extraordinary indie titles to consoles with the aim of colonizing gaming sites around the world.

Key features of the game:

  • Have fun with four players or alone in single and multiplayer campaigns. Blocks and coincidence nodes with physics based dynamics
  • Travel to the vastness of the solar system and help colonize places like Mars and Pluto.
  • Challenge your brain with cleverly designed challenges Use a variety of special modules
  • Guide the monkey astronauts with the latest equipment