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Crash Bandicoot: It

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time to be released on Nintendo Switch in March – ntower

Smash Pondicherry Starts in 2021 on Next-Gen Consoles, Switches and PCs!

Celebrates the 25th anniversary of the popular pack canopy for the whole year.

Munich, February 9, 2020 – For 25 years, the ever-popular Orange Pie Roof has been allowing its fans to spin, jump and puff up many adventures, and is now celebrating it with a big party: Friday’s anniversary begins March 12 with the release of Crash Pondicode 4 : It’s about time – a true sequel to the classic Crash Bandicoot trilogy from the 1990s and the first new game in the series in over a decade – PlayStation ® 5, Xbox Series X | Switch to S and Nintendo. Later this year, the game will be released to PC via Fans are excited about the biggest crash game of all time 1, and for the first time or in the hundredth place, there is no better time than now to experience great levels, worst opponents and more game experiences. For those who love this series Activision Blizzard, Inc. Expect numerous fur-elastic festivals from (Nasdaq: ATV) that will release their spell on Crash Pondicherry fans throughout the year.

Toys for Pop Development Team Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time for new sites. PlayStation ® 5 and Xbox Series X | Fans who want to play the game on the S can expect incredibly sharp graphics at 60 fps2 in 4K resolution. In addition, players on next-gen platforms can enjoy shorter loading times, so they can throw themselves faster at Wambas than ever before thanks to the 3D sound in an atmosphere.

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Players who purchase or already own Crash Bandicoot 4: This is about the PlayStation ® 4 or Xbox One time within the console Family 3 with the next gen update for free (except in Japan). The saved data will then be transferred to the new console. Owners of the PlayStation ® 5 in particular can expect a special experience with the DualSense wireless controller: thanks to adaptive stimuli, players can feel the power of Cortex’s DNA-transforming blaster and Tavna’s hookshot at their fingertips. Through the functional card function, players on the PlayStation ® 5 also get an overview of their progress in various dimensions of the game so they can easily track their goals.

In the future, fans can expect even more gaming fun while traveling, as Crash Bandicoot 4: About Time breaks the boundaries of time for the first time on a Nintendo Switch. Xbox Series X | At S, Smart Delivery ensures that players can run the best version for their respective consoles.

Crash Bandicoot 4: This is the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Time for S is available with an MSRP of 69.99. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch ™ (RRP € 44.99) are already possible in some regions of the Nintendo ESHAP. Fans will receive additional information about the PC version and other entertainment developments later in the day as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations.

The game is currently available with MSRP 69.99 for the PlayStation ® 4, PlayStation Pro 4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X. Players will receive a free upgrade to the next gen version 3 in the same console family (except in Japan).

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