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Pokemon United Review (Nintendo Switch) - Games

Pokemon United Review (Nintendo Switch) – Games

To everyone’s surprise, the Pokமான்mon license decided to enter the MOBA category with Pokmon Unite. What can we expect from playing this free game? Here is our verdict after playing on the Nintendo Switch.

No, the first game on the Pokemon license “Game as a Service” (GaaS) model on the Nintendo Switch will not be the MMO, but, contrary to all expectations, the MOBA. Pokemon Unit Released on July 21st for the Nintendo Switch. To play for free, you do not need to run an exceptional Nintendo online subscription, which makes it particularly accessible. Purpose: To offer a new game to fans of the Pokemon license Collect small creatures in the background of more competitive games than the main topics.

Very accessible MOBA

To play it, it’s very simple: download it from eShop, choose your trainer’s look after a good introductory movie, and then start a tutorial that gives you the basics of MOBA in just a few minutes. The menu is a bit confusing at first, giving announcements and rewards like a mobile game at almost every table.

Entering a classic game on 5v5 in an arena takes us to the usual stage of selecting game characters and their equipment. With permanent and consumable special effects, two items can be replaced with two basic attacks of Pokமோmon. Some basic dialogs allow you to tell which line each one wants to play, by following the system’s advice according to the selected Pokமோmon, and the requirements for obtaining a balanced system.

The classic mode arena has 2 lanes and a forest, With targets where towers take place on paths. Each game lasts 10 minutes, during which you must score as many points as possible on the goals of the map or until the team surrenders. To get points, you need to eliminate enemies, even if they are enemies or drive wild pokemon out of the forest. The characters are easy to play because they only have two different basic attacks, an auto and a final image. In short, there is no need to know the type of MOBA.

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Good optimization

In terms of graphics and performance, Pokemon Unit Especially well illustrated considering its free playing model. There are definitely some issues with fluidity in the menu, but otherwise, it would be too pretty. It can run at 60fps, without consuming the switch’s battery. The online section also works; No server lag issues, no overload or long queues.

Game wise, the wild MOBA genre may lose its unknown, but its pokemon are not hard to beat. The battle for the last victory sometimes creates a serious moment, a Zapdos or Rotom that delivers an essential bonus. At the end of the game, only deleting a Zapdos for a scoring can change the outcome of the match because the points double in the last 2 minutes. So there is an interesting comeback.

Otherwise, if you are not in the jungle, the game may have some lengths. On one track, you can spend several minutes staying on your target to prevent enemies from hitting, which is impossible even when they save a few points: fewer points, less animation. You can go any route whenever you want, and the jungle is a very fun position as there is less to play with a friend on a trail.

The main original Pokemon Unit For two basic attacks, one can choose between the two In order to change his style of play. The idea is interesting, but in reality, these choices are not always very effective: some prove to be very unbalanced, while others do not change much in terms of the game.

Un MOBA Normal

The game is easy to learn and has some strategic elements that add a welcome depth to the game.. However, there are many more features to improve: On the side of assorted games, it is very easy to advance in the rankings (you will get points even if you lose) but it is very difficult to be at the top of the best rankings. In order to retain another ranking system based on points and half, MMR’s concept seems to have been mapped out.

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In view of the current game, Pokemon Unit Licensing attracts a lot of young community and fans, but not particularly MOBA type fans. There is a certain strategic dimension, but compared to other games of that genre, the meta is very unbalanced on PC (League of Legends, Tota 2) or mobile (Arena of valor, wild split …) because some Pokemon dominate more than other good levels. Granted, it’s hard to compete with games that came a decade ago, but it doesn’t seem to be The Pokemon’s goal anyway: Pokemon Unit More competitive game than the rest of its license, but it is normal.

The other question is related to its reuse. Pokemon Unit Learning and discovering is fun, but once the Pokemon are all tested, the monopoly sets in very quickly. This is especially lonely because there is little way to interact with his teammates to some extent; This is within the boundaries of the site. However, this game retains the interest of matching with friends, especially thanks to its accessibility.

The dimension of payment?

It is in the economic model Pokemon Unit Attracts most reviews: The game is playable for free, but a special coin apparently allows you to buy all sorts of items. Apparently there are skins, But above all a substance that can offer a competitive advantage : Item promoter. In fact, once the Level 9 coach is reached, knowing that there are three applications per area, one can position the item to have a better permanent buff during a game. Each item has 30 levels and you need upgrades to upgrade them.

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However, these upgrades have a real impact (1696 for leftovers item and HP, level 1 to 10) but scores a lot of upgrades. These are hard to get while playing; They can be purchased for Aeos tickets, but their amount is limited to events and battle pass issuance. If you do not want to play for ten hours to increase all the items you have to level 30, you have to pay to buy some in the game store. If you want to maximize your three hold items to 30 level for maximum power, use over 600 tickets. The player who owns a maximum of three Hold objects will receive a significant advantage over the others..

Is this on the part of the publisher voluntarily? These dimensions are not immediately apparent because you have to spend more tickets than gems directly to buy these upgrades. Since it is possible to play to get them, it depends on the changes made in the game: will there always be more powerful items or will the release rate be slow enough for the average player to store enough? The game is hard to judge because it is still in its infancy.

However, the publisher seems to have big plans for his MOBA: Mobile platforms for Android and iOS will host the game in September. So with this release players can play on PC. This game is already a success, and it will be popular for a long time if the publisher adds enough content to keep it interesting. On the other hand, it is not possible to find a place in the standards of competitive games, especially since publisher Nintendo does not seem to offer significant support in its competitive games.