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Littlewood gets a limited physics version of super rare games – ntower

Last March, it was co-released by developer Sean Young Littlewood A little simulation on the Nintendo ESHAP for the Steam and Nintendo Switch. Here the players are in charge of one Reconstruction of the beautiful village of the same name And let Solom explore the world. Buyers and trade magazines quickly agreed that Littlewood PC was an indie pearl and a hybrid from Nintendo – metacritic and average rating 81 Thousands of positive reviews Steam speaks a lot.

Super Rare Games has recorded a trip to Littlewood

Sean Young and Littlewood The rise of the game has now reached the next level because it was revealed Super rare games Next physics publication from a British publisher with simulation. The Littlewood version, limited to 4000 pieces, can be used from 08/05/2021 7:00 p.m. Our time Super rare game online store In addition to a complete game to be caught Software card As usual, there is a version Functional manual, Stickers and three different for a total of five Business Cards. You can see the content here Cover Littlewood Limited Edition:

Ra super rare games

Are you going to get a limited edition of Littlewood?

Source: Super Rare Games Newsletter

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