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Pokemon United Network Test June 24-26 [Update] Nintendo Connect

Pokemon United Network Test June 24-26 [Update] Nintendo Connect

Update from June 24, 2021

Once downloaded, you can participate in your German account. Language of Pokemon Unite Is in Japanese. However, you can Europe (Europe) and Germany Choose (Germany) regionally, the rest will be self-explanatory. Alternatively, Google Translator’s direct camera translation on your smartphone will also help.

First released on June 23, 2021

Pokemon Unite Available for Nintendo Switch in July, and available for mobile devices in September. The game is free to download and is a favorite game purchase. Cross-stage play is planned on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, which will allow players on both platforms to fight together. Coaches can use their Pokemon Training Club account or Nintendo account to sync game progress.

Prior to the release, Pokemon decided to do just that A network test for Pokemon Unite (in Japan only) is to be conducted. It takes place June 24 (Thursday) from 12:00 to 26 (Saturday) 11:59 p.m. (Japanese time) instead.

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If you have a Japanese Nintendo account, we will explain how it works in the following video.

We cannot guarantee how the Japanese network test will affect the gaming experience when approached from Europe. If you have a related Nintendo account, or create one now – try your luck!

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