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Games with Gold, another free game for the Xbox comes as a surprise -

Games with Gold, another free game for the Xbox comes as a surprise –

Check one out Surprise Another Free games Per Xbox, Although the matter is not very clear, gold is associated with games The gods of injustice among us, Or a title already delivered last month in an effort by Microsoft dedicated to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Probably due to a mistake or a new advertising initiative Fighting game Netherreams and Warner Bros. are based on the popular DC Comics license Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Still free on S. This address su Xbox Store.

Injustice: Gods DC Comics superhero clashes between us

So it’s not clear if this is the result of an error, so we do not know how long this game will be available for free to subscribers if it is not part of the attached ad only on weekends, but this should be the case.

However, injustice: this is not the first time that the gods among us have been offered free to the public, and it seems that this has actually become a habit for Warner Bros. Anyway, if you haven’t recovered from it, we suggest you do it now: although at this point it is a dated game, there is already a sequel to Injustice 2, which is still a very fun and interesting fighting game.

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