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Pokémon Legends Preview: Arceus - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Pokémon Legends Preview: Arceus – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Pokémon Legends: Arceus announces a new era of pocket monsters and the new adventure has been hotly debated since the game was announced in February 2021. The Hisui area is the location of the new game and your job is to create the first Pokédex ever. This is because long before Pokemon and humans could live together peacefully, little was known about wild pocket monsters, which made the wilderness unsafe at the time. This is where you play, because the small town of Zufeldorf you will work to observe the wild Pokமொmon and catch them, so they will be explored more closely. Thanks to Nintendo and The Pokemon, we were able to first see the long-forgotten Hisui area at an exclusive preview event and see what awaits us in the new adventure.

The first Pokédex of all time

The Hisui area, later known as the Pokemon Radiant Diamond and the Chinno area from Shining Pearl, long ago had various ecosystems with a large crater in the middle. You will find different Pokemon in each area and the excursion here will be useful at different times of the day or in different weather conditions. This is because different Pokமொmon adapt to the respective conditions of nature. In the Apsidian meadows you can find Pokemon that want to be comfortable in meadows and forests, and Pokemon that get along well in the cold in icy areas. The Hisui area is also huge, which is why you get the help of special Pokமொmon like Tomithir or Salmagnis during the game to go fast between different areas. This will help you with your ArceusPhone orientation, in which you can view the map and open tasks and much more.

Your site will always be a Jubilee Village, which at some point will evolve into a modern Jubilee City. However, the village in the Hisui region is still manageable and only a few people from different regions have settled here to do research on Pokமொmon. However, as you progress in the game, the Zufeldorf infrastructure continues to evolve. Here you can adjust your clothing style not only at Galaktik headquarters, but also with various retailers and other service providers like Swap Forum, friends or tailors.

In Jubilee Village you can carry out two types of tasks: tasks and requests from residents. While the tasks focused on creating Pokédex improve the story, the demands of the residents are small tasks that you can additionally do. They have to catch a Pokemon or several types. Sometimes residents also like some of the items you can collect in the Hisui area. This includes a variety of plants, minerals or berries that you can use for handicrafts. Your Pokemon will help you to collect various items. So they can shake the berries or my minerals from a tree for you. After completing a task or task, you will return to Zufeldorf to deliver the relevant Pokemon or materials or to hand over your research protocol. As a result, you not only build and expand your Pokédex, but also collect experience points that rise to research standards. In addition, you will receive related rewards or items that you can use in the further course of the game.

In your adventure you will encounter three types of Pokemon. First, of course, there are different types of wild Pokemon you can catch. Sometimes they are very confident, but they can run away with little noise or attack you. In the latter case you have to fight with them, because once they marry you, they can not catch a poke ball. Each type of pokemon must finally find its own technique to catch. Among the Pokmon there are of course many well-known pocket monsters and unique Hisui forms that have been especially adapted to the region.

In addition, Alpha Pokémon is waiting for you, which is seen as small bosses. Not only are they big, they also have red eyes and will attack you immediately if you get close. It is very difficult to catch them, but if you can, there will be a strong and loyal companion by your side. Last but not least, the fancy Pokmon, kings and queens are angry. They are huge, not only to fight, but to pacify above all else. With leisure gifts filled with their favorite foods, you have to deal with them patiently and with the right tricks.

Wars in Pokemon Legends: Arcius is very different from the battles you know from other Pokemon adventures. They are very energetic and do not disappear into the Pokமொmon meadow. The fight also starts immediately without changing particularly to the fight scene. There are two different ways to defeat your opponent with strength and speed technique. The right tactic also plays a role here, because while the active Pokemon will attack faster, the damage that often occurs, accordingly, is much less. With power technique, Pokemon will take some time, but then deliver a stronger attack. When and how often a Pokemon attacks is based on its personal statistics.

But a sophisticated trick can bring you more, but can also create objects. Craftsmanship plays a major role in Pokemon legends: archetypes and objects are found throughout the Hisui area. Not only can you make your own Poké balls, you can also make healing pills or other products that will benefit you in research and battle. You can find work boxes at your base camp or in Zufeldorf.

Pokemon Legends: Arcius goes in a different direction compared to previous Pokemon games. You do not have to go out one after the other to collect medals, but you are part of the first research team to look at Pokமொmon meticulously. Wars against Pokemon are still in focus, but they are now more powerful and have a greater impact on the game because not only pocket ghosts but also the character can be attacked. In addition, the style of the game based on a feudal Japan is very exciting and although the graphics still have a lot to talk about, the overall set looks round and coherent. Especially if you as a player want to spend more time researching Pokémon, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Arceus could be a successful extension of the franchise.