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McDonald’s Training Game: “Holy Grail” invented by Nintendo DS

First, the Nintendo DS is a video game console that is primarily used for entertainment. However, there are some rare cases where the device is used for training purposes. Like one of the rarest “games” of all time.

There are always absolutely rare games. This may be because a title is particularly vague or poorly sold. But there are also cases where availability is low from the start, especially when the software is not for the general public. Such topics are definitely a treat for collectors and enthusiasts.

Of course one of the “most important” achievements of this special collector’s regulation is now being able to track the Nintendo DS game called eSmart 2.0. There was a similar case in mid-2020, when a copy of SimRefinery was discovered and recovered. SimRefine was appointed by Maxis in 1993 for the Chevron Corporation.

A similar discovery has now been made by video game collectors at Forest of Illusion. Because they found a very rare training game for Nintendo DS and were able to buy it successfully. கொட்டகு Nintendo also calls the DS Schedule the “Holy Grail”. The man who managed this record is called Cody Trentude, and he explains in one VideoHow hard is it to buy a cartridge.

Playful training software

You can only describe eSmart 2.0 as a very good-natured game, because the Japanese McDonald’s staff received this software in 2010 to learn how to properly prepare burgers and fries. Accordingly, it should really be called a training object with playful elements and integrated videos. You will learn not only the details of making Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets, but also how to take orders over the counter and drive-through customers. Anyone who wants to try more will find it Download here.

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