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Pokemon are coming from the Alola area!

Pokemon are coming from the Alola area!

In case Provides Pokemon Appeared when Pokemon Day 2022, Niantic Announced immediate arrival Seventh generation (Of the regionAlola) On Pokemon GO Throughout next season. Get ready, because 7G Get off Tuesday 1Er March 2022 !

Alola season

Next season, running from In early March At In early JuneSo put it Alola area Attention! More information will be revealed in the coming days.

Mass view of Nodko from Alola

To celebrate this season, we must commemorate the arrival of the Chief Forms of alola In the game, many Notola of Alola Appear in the game!

Available in gloss

Update to our Pokédex

Occasionally, all of us Pokédex Related Pokemon GO Updated with the latest cam data! Obviously, not all data is available yet (including attacks), and information may change until Pokemon are available. However, you can find all the Pokemon found in the game data below.

Pokédex – Pokémon GO

Alola Starters

Beginners from the regionAlola There are Prindipo, Flamew And Otakin ! Whatever your favorite, these three will definitely be on the first wave of Pokémon to integrate from this area. Pokemon GO.

Significant improvements

Among the Pokemon in the game data, some Pokemon have special evolutions. Here is the list below, but keep in mind that this information may still change somewhat!


Chrysapilus Is evolution Larvipula And develops Luganon. In the main license, it is necessary to upgrade Pony Grand Canyon Or Mount Ardent (7G) or use Lightning stone On him (8G). In Pokemon Co.You will need one Lure Vol And 100 crab candy.

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Evolution Crawler, Gropominable Is obtained by equalization Mount Lanagila In (7G) Pokemon GOHe will need one Glacier block And 50 Crawler Candy.

Pokemon CrawlerCrab Pokemon


Pokemon got its name 3 patterns, Lichenrock Is evolution Rockruff. Should be in its form Daily Where NightIt needs to be modified respectively day by day Where At night With 50 rockroof candy. Note that there is currently no sign of getting it Twilight form.


In the same policy as the main licenseAbitriniOnly Tridox Women can develop Malamandre In the game with 50 Tridox candies.

Pokemon TridoxSquirrel Pokemon


According to game data, Bear toy (Types Normal And Fight) Will be required 400 candies To be formed Cellores.

Pokemon Teddy Bearpokemon chelors


Same thing சோவ்கிபு Will be required 400 Chowkibu candies To be formed சர்முரை.

Pokமொmon sovkipouPokemon Sarmurai


சில்வல்லி Is evolution Category: 0 Thankfully on the main license. It will be necessary 200 candies To create this growth.

Pokemon Type-0Pokemon Silvalli

Solcalio and Lunala

Legends of the regionAlola, Solcalio And Lunala Both are evolutionary Cosmock Then Cosmology. It will be necessary 100 Cosmac candies To improve Cosmology Inside Solcalio day by day Where Lunala At night.


I ‘Ultra Chimera Known as Wemini (Where UC-Glu) Develops Montrillon With 200 candies Inside Pokemon GO.

Pokemon WeminiPokemon Chuck

Significant patterns

The Seventh generation Add a lot PatternsWe recommend some of them below, especially if you do not know this part.



Pokemon Coolie-Farm-BenchPokemon coward-form-loneliness




Pokemon beautiful shape-unleashedPokemon beautiful-form-disguise



Pokemon Magnapokemon magearna-color-of-the-pass

Significant statistics

You know, the Statistics Inside Pokemon GO Are basically Statistics Pokemon from the main license (after using a formula). Here are some PokmonAlolaAll at once Ultra-SimarasWith notable statistics:

  • cancrelove : 316 In attack
  • Cable : 330 under attack
  • கடகமி : 323 under attack
  • English tyrant : 440 hp
  • Ultra Negrosma : 337 Attack and let’s go up to it 5,293 cb In level 50
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That’s all for now, Stay tuned to Pokekalos For more information! Feel free to check out our file Pokemon GOOr our page listing all current and upcoming events Pokemon GO !

Pokemon GO Events

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