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Playing in the pub? Here are two ways you can download it in India

Despite the ban India is still playing pub and we have brought to light how it can still be played. Now the official government response on the matter is visible.

A senior official said the government was aware that the ban was being violated.

“We need to see how many people are using the app through these channels, and then call,” he said. “We can not stop APK downloads, etc., because there are a lot of websites that host them. If people do not use it and only a few use it through virtual private networks, this is not a big concern because it does not defeat the purpose of the ban. ”

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Just as a government official correctly pointed out that it is not possible to stop APK downloads because the site is shut down every time, another will be created.

How is the post ban on playing the game?

The game is not currently available for download on Playstore. It can only be downloaded via the APK file. By using third-party applications to ban VPNs from hiding the country of origin, PUBG can be played and updated without hassle.

“Gamers are still playing the game by changing the device’s IP address, using the auto-download feature on Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones, and using sideloading services like Epicure,” said Rupantar Guha, an analyst with technology researcher GlobalData.

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The important thing to note is that India’s PUBG servers are still live, so players can connect and play. PUBG is not responsible for changing its servers, there are other ways to ban the application altogether. “To ensure the effectiveness of the ban, the government should instruct companies to shut down game servers in India and block Internet service providers (ISPs), smartphone makers and domain name system (DNS) hosting services from PUBG Mobile. Relevant addresses until further notice,” he said. Basically if the government wants to ban the app completely and make it unplayable, they can use these methods.

What the ban has achieved so far

The reality of the ban is that it mainly affects PUBG’s sports side only. This is because it is common for players to continue the game without consequences, even if it is considered illegal to do so. Pro teams and orgs, on the other hand, will not be able to continue playing, and they will face legal action if PUBG is promoted and played as an organization.

In retaliation from Tencent, we saw that Indian players were banned from playing in the PMPL and PMCO in major tournaments, even though they qualified. The teams wanted to relocate outside India to play the tournament. The revenue generated by PUBG prize pools for Indian teams is huge, which is a loss to the society which is now looking at other ways to earn. According to Censor Tower, PUBG earned only $ 41.2 million in player revenue from India, compared to the $ 3.5 billion generated worldwide.

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The ban certainly killed the PUBG mobile sports scene in its budding stage, making India ‘outstanding’. It also caused damage to Tencent‌, which split from PBG Corp in India.

Rumors are circulating of a new version of the game, and we hope that with the new version, the Indian will be able to reclaim its sports component on PUBG.