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(Image Credit: EA)

How to download Madden 21 digitally?

Madden 21 got a lot of mixed reviews at the end of August this year. Many of them are not so appreciative of the franchise’s latest installment, while others do not forgive the annual release.

Not every player buys Madden right away each year, and some prefer to wait a little longer to see if it’s worth getting a new game. For those who have been waiting until now, they need to get a physical copy of the game or buy a digital version.

How To Download Madden 21 Digitally

(Image credit: EA)
(Image credit: EA)

If players choose to go with the digital option, the game is very easy to set up, and will be a familiar affair to anyone who uses PlayStation or Xbox consoles. PC is also a platform that can use Madden 21’s digital downloads. The first thing to note about the game on any console is the price.

The Madden 21 will cost an average of $ 60 unless there is a separate sale for the platform. Then there are 2 other editions of the game. The deluxe edition is at $ 79.99 and the MVP edition is at $ 99.99. Similar to the standard edition, these versions are also subject to different sales.

Once the player has decided which edition of Madden 21 they want, the original purchase and download will come. On the PlayStation 4, players need to go to the Store tab on the left side of the home screen and search for Madden 21. From there players can buy an existing card in their account, add or use new funds. PlayStation Top-Up Card.

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The option to download the game is given at checkout. If a player chooses to wait until later to download, they should only go to their library on the right side of the home screen and go to the purchased games to start the download.

The process of the Xbox One is not much different from the PlayStation 4. Players need to go to the Store tab, purchase and start downloading. PC players always have multiple options for downloading games. In the case of Madden 21, PC players must download and use the EA Origin launcher. From there, players can go through the Origin store, decide which edition of Madden 21 they want and download the game to their PC.

Published 13 October 2020, 23:56 IST