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Battlefield 6: One Xbox Game Pass One Day and XP Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC? | Xbox One

Battlefield 6: One Xbox Game Pass One Day and XP Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC? | Xbox One

There is constant talk about Dice’s next big project. In fact, although we haven’t seen anything in the game yet, Battlefield VI We’ll be back in the hallway noises we hear recently. If we know that the game is currently in development and its The release is confirmed at the end of 2021, The rumor of the day is that the new generation wants to be exclusive to consoles.

Battlefield 6 will not be released on the Xbox One and PS4

According to the generally well-known Tom Henderson, the game may not be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The person pointed out on Twitter that they had never actually heard of Battlefield 6 coming on consoles. Previous generation. It’s directly following another rumor that has been circulating on the web for weeks, claiming that the game could be released live on the Xbox Game Boss.

Towards a day trip on the Xbox Game Boss?

If these rumors were to be taken lightly with a grain of salt, it would be less strange to see the Warship 6 coming directly on the Xbox Game Pass. EA at Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Microsoft and Electronic Arts are already partners because of the inclusion of the Play service. The recent success of the One Day Adiders release in service will certainly give ideas to Redmond and its aggressive strategy regarding the Xbox Game Pass.

Based on this rumor Tom Henderson is provoking the fact that this game should not be released on Xbox One and PS4. In addition, last May, Electronic Arts pointed to the next battlefield as “the goal of potential innovation by next-generation consoles”. Let us also recall the wishes of DICEIncrease the capacity of its servers As well as a rumor Large-scale destruction Battlefield 6 Xbox Series X | We have every reason to believe that it will be released exclusively on S, PS5 and PC.

Either way, we can’t wait to see the first pictures of the game, especially to see if it will actually come on the Xbox Game Boss on the day it is released.

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