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Players applaud anti-cheat ricochet, cheaters are almost gone -

Players applaud anti-cheat ricochet, cheaters are almost gone –

Map of the new Caldera Call of Duty: Warzone Each game is a little more bitter with many bugs and glitches, but there is one positive note: players say New cheat resistance Activision does its job.

Since the game’s release in March 2020, cheats have improved Warzone’s Verdansk map. Despite the banning of more than half a million accounts, there has always been an influx of cheaters in Verdansk. Fortunately, the new Call of Duty Warson map has come up with new security measures.

Release of Season 1 and The Map of Caldera Equivalent to the release of Warson’s Activision’s new anti-Seat Ricochet. This driver can manage and monitor various applications on the player’s computer, and controls any programs that attempt to manipulate the game.

Warzone players report Very few encounters with cheaters Since the launch of Ricochet. Reddit user post Good_Vibez_1997 acknowledges that Warzone is in a bad position in terms of game quality, but said, “However, I think it’s important to recognize how important the introduction of Ricochet’s anti-cheat is.” The players continue the debate by claiming that they have never seen so few cheats since Warson started. Responses to the post are filled in as other players comment positively on the situation. One user added: “I ran into a cheat on Ricosset’s release day, that’s all. I get one for every 4 games or so.”

Another user says: “I hope we have to admit that despite all the frustration and complaints (deserving, I will add) the anti-cheat worked wonderfully even though the game broke down and countless issues had to be fixed. It has been going on for a long time”.

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In various issues with Warzone, the number of players per match has been reduced to control disconnection.