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CD Projekt denies rumors about Red Connect 1.5 and DLC -

CD Projekt denies rumors about Red Connect 1.5 and DLC –

Rodek Krabowski, Global PR Director CD Project Red, Flatly denied Carelessness Related to Appendix 1.5 and DLC Content Cyberpunk 2077, They label it all a lie. In fact, there were doubts as it all started with 4Chan, but the person who took the leak was Forbes’ Paul Dassie who lent it all.

As you can read, Krabowski did not waste too many words to label the whole story as pure fiction. So there are no details about DLC, Patches and Netflix anime, creation created by someone. Too bad, because some of the details were interesting, such as the new content, the new Game Plus mode, and the setting of the first extension.

In fact it used some of the community’s preferences and justified a bit (expect Patch’s release to be preceded by some event streaming.) To pack his dummy. However, it is better to wait for the official confirmation from the Polish developer, he should reveal all the details soon Appendix 1.5, The next generation console update and the future of Cyberbank 2077.

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