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Pixels Safe: The First Smartphones with MDF Certified Android 11

Pixels Safe: The First Smartphones with MDF Certified Android 11

Vitto Laminafra

The security of smartphones and the data in them has been a topic of discussion in the past. The Google Pixel, Already fitted with chip Titan M. Precisely for security reasons, they get one step ahead in this sense The general criterion is MDF certification.

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Get device certification MDF, Full name Mobile Device Basics Security Profile, They should be Passed many rigorous tests, Made Not affiliated in any way with independent laboratories and organization This creates the device. In particular, i Google Pixel Updated to Android 11, So Pixel 3 onwards, They all got MDF.

The experiments were carried out on various aspects of security: The Encryption algorithms, Reliability Biometric publishing systems, Data integrity and the ability to store system records to identify any threats, but i Security systems that fit external bodies to the operating system, Will happen as an example for corporate smartphones.

Via: 9to5Google

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