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Creates a fan-impressive framework on The Sims 4

Creates a fan-impressive framework on The Sims 4

The connection is amazing: Wild Breath meets The Sims 4.

A YouTuber is now creating a real dream for all the fans of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. One of the most popular configurations thanks to their help in The Sims 4, the result is very interesting.

Hirol Castle enters The Sims 4

Download Utoperin Plot sim I felt a very special building in The Sims 4, which of course made many Zelda fans very happy with it. In celebration of the fourth birthday of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the plot revived one of the most famous buildings of SIM rights in a life simulation: Schlos Hyrul.

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Anyone who has ever built a house on The Sims 4 knows what works, even simple construction projects. A great fort The detail is true Recreating from any adventure is real Uncle’s work.

If you have the whole Fast forward construction process Not surprisingly, you can do almost 40 minutes Video on YouTube Look at it:

In addition to Zelda Castle, Plot Sim also has others Awesome shortcuts Is ready, as is popular East Air Temple from Avatar.

How do you get to Hirol Castle on The Sims 4?

Fortunately, you do not have to go to work yourself if you want to clear the Hirol Castle to your imaginary worlds of Sims 4. The mission of the plot is really over 100 hours Both. The template from Breathe of the Wild is not good enough for the whole structure, so the plot even got one 3D-model Of a Zelda motor.

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If you want to download Castle, you can use Origin ID: Satisim Search for “Hyrul Fortress” and place it on a 64×64 measuring ground without CC (custom content). Do you want to be in your Zelda dream for The Sims 4 too? Matching characters Yes, look at the plot The Connection of Paulaplasims and Zelda Works.

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Zelda meets The Sims 4 and builds a mighty Hirole castle in life simulation. How do you like the “wild breath” structure in The Sims 4? Are you going to download it? What are your most impressive works? Feel free to write us this on Facebook in the comment section!