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Pirate is the spin-off version of the canceled Nintendo DS

Pirate is the spin-off version of the canceled Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS library is one of the most impressive of all modern consoles, but its library is sure to have been. Widely Improved version Robber, Portable The overall effect The adventure is said to be in development.

To me Former bioware maker Mark DarraAnd this Mass effect: Pirata This should be a first person Nintendo DS adventure where you can fly aboard a ship and explore a galaxy distance.

“We wanted to put him in a part of the galaxy that was so stealthy and not fully explored,” Tara said in a new interview with the YouTube channel Minmax.

“It simply came to our notice then Soldier And this Checking the stars You will be free. You will be like Hon Solo, not Ghost, you will fly around, collect items, explore. You can explore this information and resell it to the Human Alliance. ”

Idea Much Interesting, further expanding tradition and history The overall effect In style. Although the team had already begun work on the flight control systems and overall game history, it was canceled shortly after production due to the high cost of the Nintendo DS cartridges.

According to Tara, the title will only sell 50,000 units, according to EA. Predicts, and at a cost of 50 10.50 ($ 14) per cart, it is not worth the huge growth investment.

What we could not see was a real shame The overall effect Occasionally he would visit D.S.

At the time, the console was a haven for wild experiments and interesting games. Ports for games like Assassin’s Creed, The Sims And this Call of duty It worked well on consoles and was able to effectively expand the legends of each franchise with amazing new dynamics.

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Robber The same can be done The overall effect A series, but it seems we will never know how the Nintendo DS will be modified. This is another case of potential failure.

You can watch the full interview with Tara Who.