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Ikea s’associe avec Nintendo pour la promotion de Super Mario Party !

IKEA partners with Nintendo to promote Super Mario Party!

According to our colleagues at The Camera, furniture company IKEA has partnered with Nintendo to promote the Super Mario party.

Fans of plumber and furniture with little mustache? You should be happy to learn the following. In fact, Brand Ikea Just Stay tuned Nintendo To promote Super Mario Party. But what does this mean?

A country without a fan of consoles?

Of course, we will explain everything to you. But first, we must return to an important point. This will undoubtedly surprise many of our readers. In fact, Did you know that China is not a consumer country for video games? ?

Because yes, they are actually their neighbors in Japan They play a lot on consoles and so on. In China, people are not said to be big followers. That would be accurate The reason for thisIkea Has partnered with Nintendo.

This allows, according to the leaders Citizens “feel” a little more. Also give a taste to video games. A surprising fact some will think. The games have led to much debate ever since.

Some blame it on becoming too violent. Or they are fooling around and must be too expensive for “what it is”… Of course we are talking about eternal dissidents. These same people did not realize the progress of the video game.

After all, the size of this field. OK though For education, to create new businesses and so on. In short, the video game is widely used for economy. Without it, a lot of positions would be reduced.

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This may be a major reason Ikea And Nintendo To work by hand. But does that mean you will walk away with a game? Super Mario party? When buying a chair for the next few months ? No.

IKEA partners with Nintendo to promote Super Mario Party!

Nintendo and IKEA team up for the Super Mario party

First, be aware that Mario’s parent company is not the only partner with the Swedish furniture company. In fact, There is also a collaboration with Holiday Inn. Our colleagues Gamer Indicates:

“In hotels, customers can Play Super Mario Party in the lobby. They can get a Nintendo switch in their room. “ So is it possible to exit with the switch after purchase? In Ikea ?

Not yet … Actually, Some of the company’s showrooms will be decorated with the sports world Super Mario. But when doing shop, it is also possible to play for the title. This allows non-shopping enthusiasts to pass the time.

No doubt some will Go on Ikea For a purpose. That’s playing Nintendo. But this one Excellent strategy from both companies. This should make it possible to bring back all types of customers.

And allow Buy more products In companies. In any case, in MCE, We will not waste a single minute. Once Super Mario Furniture is available at the company. We need to see if we can find competitors by going there.