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Philip Croisson may be the first person with a disability to go into space

Philip Croisson may be the first person with a disability to go into space



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Here is the beautiful story of Monday, September 13, 2021: The race started by Philip Croyson who came to the United States. The latter meets Elon Musk, the famous businessman who built the rocket to go into space.

Philip Croyson, a Frenchman who lost four limbs, arrived a few days ago in Cape Canaveral, USA to meet Elon Musk, the leader of SpaceX and Tesla. In a few days, he will see Space-X take off. “Being here is really a win. After that, if I get a chance to go into space, that’s icing.”Says Philip Croyson of the United States.

The personal goal of the French was to enter the history of special success by becoming the first disabled person in space. The origins of this meeting between Elon Musk and Philip Croeson begin on November 20, 2020, when the French questioned the Americans on Twitter: “Hi Elon, I’m a French adventurer without arms and legs. You can send me into space. I’ll show you that anything is possible.” The boss of Space-X was surprised by the Frenchman’s butt and he responded in the following hours: “One day we will try to send you to Starship.” Hope is real for Philip Croyson, and experts are already working on creating a suitable prosthesis.

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