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Discovered thanks to Steam: The Xbox Elite controller has a hidden function

Discovered thanks to Steam: The Xbox Elite controller has a hidden function

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 comes with a small feature that Microsoft is not actively promoting, it has now been discovered by the community. The light color of the Xbox button is chosen freely. It currently only runs on the alternate path on the system.

The RGB LED of the Elite Controller Series 2 can be controlled by Steam

Manufacturers don’t really shy away from promoting even the smallest feature on a large scale. In the case of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, Microsoft is silent about the enlightening fact Xbox-Taste A full-size RGB LED that can be controlled is installed. The overwhelming reaction to one shows that many in the community know nothing about this fact Reddit-Post, Now pointing to unprecedented possibilities. The gaming community owes a colorful message to Reddit users and Xbox enthusiast Pyrrh 14.

As he described in a thread on Twitter, the path to the newly radiated Xbox controller is straightforward and necessarily leads to menu depth Steam. In large image mode, you can call the menu in the upper right corner. Under “Controller”, “Controller Settings” you need to enable the item “Xbox Extended Feature Support” – if enabled, restart is required here. Again under “Controller Settings” you can select “Xbox Elite Controller Series 2” below.

RGB slider and go

In the next step, the menu button on the top right allows you to adjust the controller settings. This selection also includes an RGB slider, which lets you choose the color of the Xbox button for free. This is definitely not a roundabout solution and is only meant to initially work with PC and Steam.

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“We don’t have to learn from Steam that we can do anything like that with our Xbox product,” Byrd 14 concluded. Two questions in particular are being asked out loud in the community: Why does Microsoft not yet offer a direct control option, and can this be expected for the console? It will be interesting to see if the answer is available soon.

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