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The cynicism gets trampled by moviegoers

The cynicism gets trampled by moviegoers

(EDX Daily Up) – For many years, the Cincyclo Society has been providing alternative cinema scenes in the heart of nature, where the public has planned to come and cycle. This fun and participatory concept is now being exported to Senegal and Ecuador.

As its name suggests, cynicism connects cinema with cycling, allowing it to bring culture to the open, to isolated places. All the equipment needed for the project is housed in two saddle pockets attached to a bicycle. They are equipped with the power to generate the power needed for complete operation, as well as a video projector and audio transmitter.

Cinécyclo recreates the magic of a traditional cinematic screening, no longer inside, in unique, buccolic and often isolated spaces and contexts.

In addition to the association’s volunteers, interested visitors are invited alternately on the bike, during the session, to operate the bicycle and energy generator. About 10 to 15 km / h is more than enough.

The images thus displayed are in accordance with the values ​​of the association. These are mainly environmental shorts and documentaries such as “L’Argent autre”, “Trois colibris sur la Loire” or “Cows no longer have a name”.

Cinécyclo calls itself in the villages, in France but abroad, in Senegal or Ecuador. Keep in mind that the Association also offers an educational package for elementary school students on the themes of environment, energy and solidarity. Cincyclo site.

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