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Phil Spencer Praises PlayStation's Hermann Hulst -

Phil Spencer Praises PlayStation’s Hermann Hulst –

Hermann Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studio, i Congratulations to Bill Spencer And double the fine for better publication Psychonates2, Available from today. The tribute came on Twitter, where Hulst responded directly to Spencer’s compliments for Double Fine. Here is the whole line of humor, full of emotion:

Double fine: “The time has come, agents! Psychonates 2 are available worldwide. We pressed a button and it happened (but does it really work like that?).

We hope you have a good time with Ross’ new adventure. Stay tuned and explore everywhere! Lots to find!

Bill Spencer: “Congratulations to the excellent Double Fine team that introduced Psychonats 2.

Hermann Hulst: “Congratulations to Tim Schaefer and Phil Spencer for the introduction and excellent reception.

Note that Syconats 2 is available for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S. Love exchanges.

To get more Information About the game, read our Psychonats 2 review.

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