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Geomagnetic turbulence on Earth is coming today: what a danger we are

This is what will happen with the advent of the Internet in danger, various kinds of difficulties, and a geomagnetic turbulence expected on Earth today.

The web

Direction Earth, we are on a path Solar wind flow It may start in two or three days Geomagnetic turbulence On our planet. In addition, solar airflow may be accompanied by two coronal mass discharges. Predict the most severe The internet is in danger And other difficulties to be encountered due to this phenomenon caused by the impact between the particles emitted by the Earth and the Sun.

What will happen today, Wednesday 25 August 2021

An event coming from space is poised to further complicate the already difficult situation on our planet. A solar wind flow e Two coronal mass discharges generate geomagnetic turbulence With earthly effects. The junction of the solar and terrestrial particles will create such a regression Temporary resistance of electrical phases Or interference with satellite communication systems.

The Internet is in danger, according to some astronomers but it is believed that this phenomenon will not affect our daily lives and will not create irreparable difficulty. Polar geomagnetic agitation may occur Extend for two or three days Beautiful northern lights showing the darkness that falls in the Arctic Circle.

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Solar wind and geomagnetic turbulence because the internet is in danger

According to NASA’s calculations, the flow of solar air can move 1.6 million km / h. It rises from the Sun’s crown and may or may not interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field in the Earth’s magnetic field. Geomagnetic storms. Coronal mass discharges, on the other hand, form discharges Protons and electrons As they approach Earth they affect the magnetic field of our planet.

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Geomagnetic storms arise from the confluence of large energy-filled particles emitted by the sun. Sudden violent activity With the Earth’s magnetic field and, therefore, with the Earth’s particles. Its impact is so great that it can be created A setback It will interfere with electrical grids and satellites. The impact between today and tomorrow is that we cannot predict the consequences that will occur on the Internet or on electrical systems in general. We will be ready and confident The warning was initiated by astronomers Does not become realistic.