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Persecuted Souls, Switch புதிய Pokemon New Game of Thrones for the Millennium

Persecuted Souls, Switch புதிய Pokemon New Game of Thrones for the Millennium

A new horror title Nintendo Switch And other sites are due in 2021. Persecuted souls As shown in a video where you can appreciate its game to say the least spooky. The title has its roots in the classic survival horror as before Citizen Evil, Let the players enter a mysterious mansion, which has become a hospital, puzzles, mysteries and above all horror, visual and psychological.

Publish the game PQube And created Dual effect e Abstract Digital work, With the aim of making available tormented souls by 2021. Una Closed beta of Steam The title, which will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, will be available. Site link. The title puts players in shoes Carolyn Walker, A woman struggling in the investigation surrounding the disappearance of two twins. Everything did not go as planned, however, the protagonist will soon be trapped in his nightmare, drowning in a bathtub and tied up with machines.

Caroline must defend herself in this horrible mansion full of terrible monsters without mercy. In order not to let the enemy get in the way, you can use various weapons such as close combat and weapons that support attacks from a distance. The survival of the protagonist depends on the speed of thought and the player’s ability to solve puzzles scattered around the place, which is the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill.