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Keyway: Nintendo Indie World Release Date Revealed

Keyway: Nintendo Indie World Release Date Revealed

During the event, it took place a few days ago Nintendo Indy World Showcase, Release date Chaotic Kiev Co-op game. You can also get exclusive cosmetics if you buy the version Nintendo Switch.

See the Nintendo Indie World Showcase here:

Publisher from Seller and Developer Stoneweight & Sons, A confusing post puzzle in Kiev Jeff E. Debra, Two kiwi birds working at the fun and busy post office. Without any help, they have to jump into the interactive environment with levers, bells and buttons to deliver the news at the right time and do what they can.

Key Features:

  • Mail mess – Take on the role of a kiwi bird working in the postal service and collaborate with a friend to type the telegram, send emergency messages, send packages and send mail.
  • Chaotic and friendly co – Stay with a friend through bed co-op or online.
  • Single player adorable – Control two Kiwi birds in one controller to immerse yourself in a separate adventure in the postal service.
  • Dangerous mail situations – Send rooms from post offices to become a master of the postal service.
  • Seasonal risks – Facial hazards caused by winter weather, thunderstorms and more on the way to becoming a true postal expert.
  • Customize Kiwifruit – Change the color of your kiwi feathers and open new parts!

Keyway Available in August Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S., Xbox One e PC Tramide Steam.

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