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Ownership is owned by Nintendo and does not come with other platforms -

Ownership is owned by Nintendo and does not come with other platforms –

Astral chain That’s one Franchise That Owned by Nintendo, Finally confirmation comes from the mouth of the head Atsushi Inaba from the same Platinum Games, so the team does not control the questionable title, which is hard to come by Other sites.

Since the Astral Chain was initially offered as one, there was some confusion about this Joint project Between Nintendo and Platinum game, With co-ownership of the title of the two companies. Although the Nintendo Switch was exclusively offered, this issue obviously opened up the opportunity to bring this game to other platforms in some form.

Well, this is not the case: as it was already released a few days ago, when it appeared that Nintendo had acquired the rights, it seems that the title belongs entirely to Nintendo. “This is the situation described on the website: Astral Chain is one of them Intellectual property So there are limits to how much we can talk about this, ”Inaba explained.

This explains Confusion Originally created, we know when developers do not want to publicly investigate this issue, assuming that managing the rights to the Astral chain belongs to Nintendo and being very careful in using its properties.

However, Platinum Games did not want to comment further on the matter, but in case of doubt, it seems that the Astral chain is unlikely to exit the Nintendo round. Consider a good curtain as a team leader, Atsushi Inaba, Praised Takahisa Thaura, the game’s leader, as “the company’s best director”. And about Hidegi Comia? “Gamia is currently the fifth best director, he’s not out of his game yet!”

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Inaba’s paradoxical tone probably refers to the Bayonetta 3, a game for the long-awaited Nintendo Switch, which makes fun of it in platinum games.