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Come acquistare i giochi per Nintendo Switch

How To Buy Nintendo Switch Games

How and where to buy Nintendo Switch games? Here are some tips for choosing a physical or digital copy.

Here we are! Eventually you convinced yourself to enter the world Nintendo Switch The time has come to understand how to buy and download games for your new console, from which we can assure you, you can never separate yourself.

If you bought a Nintendo Switch or are still small Nintendo Switch Light Whether you have the skin to try any topic immediately, without adding any games, or want to expand your playground, the main options are two: a physical game, which should be inserted into the classic cartridge console, or a digital version that can be downloaded directly on the Nintendo Switch.

The advantage of the physical version of the game is that once you finish it you have the opportunity to lend or resale to friends, while if you buy the digital version you will not have this option even if you own that copy, so you can download it again in the future. Many years after purchase. However, the advantage of the digital version is that you can get the game immediately without having to wait until a physical copy is delivered to your home.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch video games

If you want to buy any physical version of the Nintendo Switch video game, you’re spoiled for choice. From Amazon to Uniuro, from eBay to GameStop, it goes through the big supermarket chains that have been selling video games for years.

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Like video games for all other consoles, your classic package does not have a CD or DVD, but a few updates to that topic that you need to insert into your Nintendo Switch to start playing immediately except for downloading some.

Mitobia (Nintendo Switch)

Have fun and carefree adventure with your favorite Miis in Mitobia for the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch, How to buy games in digital version

Nintendo Switch Digital 01

To purchase a video game for the Nintendo Switch in digital version, however, we recommend you to rely on the official Nintendo Store, where you will receive points for every purchase with no discounts or no fees for purchases.

To purchase games from the Nintendo website, you need a Nintendo account, which you can create for free To this address. If you already have a Nintendo account or have created one, link to the official store Nintendo iShopAnd find your favorite game.

Once this is done all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase and immediately start downloading the game on the console you have associated with your Nintendo account. The console must be connected to the Internet and have enough space on the external memory card or internal memory.

Alternatively, you can also purchase digital copies of Nintendo Switch games from third-party retailers such as Amazon. In this case, you will be sent a code to download the game in a few minutes on your Nintendo Switch during check out.

Not sure which games to buy? Try the demos!

Not everyone knows that the official Nintendo store allows you to try out a series of games before purchasing. Real presentations Read the tasteful download of the game and allow yourself to make a relaxed decision on the purchase, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction in the case of a pig.

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Not all titles available on the Nintendo EShop are demo downloadable, but by linking to it To this address Find the complete list.

Nintendo Switch Digital 01