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Discovered many "emblem icons" for the Nintendo Wii Video Video Games

Discovered many “emblem icons” for the Nintendo Wii Video Video Games

14 years ago, Nintendo revolutionizes the way video games are understood with the release of the Nintendo Wii, A console fitted with motion sensors (and Wii Sports, one of the most important) that brought Kyoto home On top of 7th generation consoles, At least for sale (101.63 million units as of 2019). Precisely from Nintendo’s offices today, a series of old documents are dedicated Early prototypes of the historical symbol.

Documented by Twitter account Nintendo Memories – A Historical Archive that documented and made “various pasts of the” Big N “past in recent years available – Before reaching the final conclusion, Nintendo has taken note Different styles and fonts As for the heirloom logo of the Nintendo GameCube, it even goes so far as to create some Horror Hard to explain.

That was Nintendo Much Pay attention to details When Nintendo Wee era This is nothing new. In fact, we remember when the CEO of the company at the time Sadoru Iwada, During his interview with the Historical Column Iwada asks, Sub-revealed Wee Wheel Before reaching its final form, it had to go through several stages of testing and redesign.

If we talk about the development of the actual console, we will stay here for hours, so we recommend watching the video created by YouTube Thomas Game Docs, Dedicated to Nintendo Wii prototypes and their designs … Questionable:

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