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Super Nintendo World in Osaka

Super Nintendo World in Osaka

Super Mario There will be an amusement park completely dedicated to him. In fact, it already exists to tell the truth, but it is still closed. It is actually inspired by the Italian plumber who is very popular in video games Super Nintendo World It will open soon Universal Studios Japan a Osaka, In Japan.

When will the Super Nintendo world open?

In the purposes of NBCUniversal, The owner of the structure, must have been there last year for the inauguration Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, But we know it International spread It exploded at the Olympics and effectively shut down all related projects.
One was proposed later New start date: It should have been February 4, 2021, but the health emergency is not over yet, and nothing will be done about it even this winter. Now the direction Studios Seems to understand the note, intelligently, Super Nintendo has announced that it is on the world page Postponed to indefinite date The most anticipated opening ceremony of the amusement park. Of course we will update you too We will release the new date Will open soon.

For now, many fans from all over the world will have to settle for some videos showing a virtual preview of some of the park’s locations, while the first service in the real world was launched on January 27, 2021. Super Nintendo World Themed Train.
The new train is active on the panoramic track Sakurajima; All eight carriages have a special way of drawing Characters of the Super Mario world This train travels on the route connecting Nishikujo and Sakurajima stations to connect Osaka Circular and Universal Studios Japan.

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The attractions of the super Nintendo world

Therefore, the expectation of opening an amusement park with guests is growing Live the real and interactive experience Thanks to technology, it allows you to challenge other viewers while having fun at different attractions inspired by the video game. Is obvious Kingdom of Mushrooms, Carousel “Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge“Within that Bowser Castle, The Toshi’s achievement, Are Luigi And this Princess Peach With his castle, you collect virtual gold coins and do everything that Mario does in the game. Of course, there will be opportunity to do Photo With Mario, Luigi, Todd and Princess Beach
Guests will also wear a digital bracelet Power Up Band, Which monitors movements and activities while collecting coins and virtual objects while interacting with attractions and challenging other viewers, thus turning the experience into an adventure, which will be drawn in the final rankings at the end of the day. Finally, one into the park restaurant (The Kinobios Cafe) It is a Theme shop Where to buy souvenirs inspired by the characters of the game.

As you may have guessed, the project and the investment have important figures: NBC Universal has already spent $ 580 million Creating the Super Nintendo World in Osaka with the aim of increasing the visibility and revenue of the company and ownership Nintendo, Which will be opened in the future Super Nintendo theme parks InUniversal Orlando Resort, In Florida, Ay Universal Studios Hollywood (California) and Studios of Singapore.

Super Nintendo World Prices

Tickets are not yet on sale, and when the park is fully operational, diversified solutions will be explored based on dates, pre-sale purchases, groups and other types of discounts.
However, this time, I One day pass prices Get started:
70 701 (full taxes 00 7800, about 60 euros) for a full ticket valid for those over 12;
10 4910 for children aged 4 to 11 (with 5400 lines, about 42 euros);
6455 for those over 65 (00 7100 with taxes, about 56 euros).

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